Increase more love and respect for Indian women jewelry by understanding scientific principles


  • Nerves passes from earlobe connected to kidney, brain and cervical, by applying right amount of pressure on problems related to these body part and can be taken care off.


  • Nerves of left nostril of nose are associated with female reproductive organ
  • Nose ring prevents women from being hypnotized due to its power to control the brain wave length.


  • Nerves of our body are connected to each other.
  • Ring figure has a nerve connected to heart through brain.


  • This is above the heart so it’s help to regularize the blood circulation in the body.


  • Bangles help in increasing the blood circulation in our body through nerves present in our wrist which tells pulse rate.
  • Prevent charges of our body not to go out.


  • Pendent of tikka embellishes the center of the forehead which is the place of chakra which refers to preservation and controlling heat of our body.
  • Helps in controlling and preserve heat of the body.


  • Silver Kardhani helps in controlling the extra fat of belly from all sides.
  • Avoid flab in hips and pot belly.


  • Silver work as a mediator between energy, earth and human body.
  • Silver anklet makes a woman more energetic while sending the negative energy to earth.


  • Silver toe ring helps in absorbing polar energies from the earth and refreshes entire body.
  • Helps in making menstrual cycle regular and helps in conceiving process.